Thursday, February 9, 2012

Convert PowerPoint to HTML


A tool developed to convert PowerPoint to HTML. It was completely developed using .NET Framework 4.0 Winform Technology.

Consider a scenario, where you are preparing some presentation for a client. Assume the client may not be having a PowerPoint installed in his/her machine, he/she may wish to view the same PowerPoint presentation through static HTML pages.

This tool evolved from the above requirement. It takes PowerPoint as input and converts the same to static HTML pages.

Note: Surprisingly the MS PowerPoint did not provide an option to Save As HTML.

Features of this tool:

1.     Convert PowerPoint to HTML static pages.
2.     Save HTML folder path settings: Once the settings are saved by the user; the HTML folder settings will be read and displayed on the html folder path textbox for the subsequent use of the application.
3.     Minimize on System tray option: You can simply minimize the application if you are not currently using it. On minimize, the convertor will be on the system tray. You can notice a folder icon for this tool in system tray.

1.     Main screen

2.     Select a PowerPoint by clicking on the Open PowerPoint File button. Then type the HTML folder path.

3.     Click on the ‘Convert to HTML’ button to convert the Powerpoint presentation to HTML static pages.

4.     Folder settings

5.     About Us

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